Thursday, August 28, 2008

Chapter 7: Goodbye Lunch & Seattle Stay

Our last day in Juneau we had lunch at Bullwinkle's pizza with all the cousins and Auntie Linda. Porter had fun watching the girls play games. Little did we know we would be spending the night in Seattle. Our plane was held in Juneau waiting for 60 passengers coming from Petersburg for an hour and a half which meant that we missed our flight from Seattle to Phoenix. Porter was quite the trooper and had fun playing at the hotel. Who knew toliet paper and Blackberries could provide so much entertainment.

Chapter 6: Baby in a Backpack

The baby backpack is a great way to get around Juneau - much easier than the stroller to navigate up and down the hill. Porter went on many walks during our stay.
Auntie Linda and cousin Josha

Going for walks is very tiring

Oh no! Its raining

Look at the boats and float planes, Daddy!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Chapter 5: Babysitters and Date Night

Rick and I decided for our date night to head back up the tram since you can ride multiple times the same day you buy your ticket and have dinner at the restaurant at the top. When we got to the restaurant we learned that a light bulb had exploded in the kitchen and they were unable to serve food. We took advantage of the free drink they offered us and then headed back down to find some food.
Porter and Alli

Porter and Kat

Chapter 4: Hello Animal Control

As Rick and I were leaving the house for a date night (thanks Auntie Linda, Alli, Kat, and Loretta for babysitting!) we saw the oddest sight. Oliver (dog) and Hanna (cat) were both on the roof. Grandpap was on the phone and it appeared as if he was calling animal control to report two wild animals on the roof.

Chapter 3: The Dock and a Tram Ride

The second day we were in Juneau the weather was beautiful and we decided to walk around downtown on the dock and check out the cruise ships. On a whim, we passed by the tram station and there was no line so Rick suggested we go - very spontaneous! The tram ride was one of the coolest things we have ever done on our many trips to Juneau. The views were amazing. It was crazy how tiny the giant ships look from so high up. The eagle in the pictures is being cared for by the raptor center and is on display at the top of the tram ride. She was shot twice several years ago and is unable to survive in the wild. Porter was fascinated by her.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Chapter 2: We Made It to Juneau!

After a slight mishap with the car rental (no car seat), a trip to Fred Meyer to buy a car seat (clearance $25, originally 80!), back to the airport to pick up Porter and Rick, we finally made it to Grandma and Grandpap's house. Porter immediately warmed up to cousins Alli and Kat (it didn't hurt that they offered their cell phones for him to play with).

Porter with cousin Kat

Porter with Kat, Alli's phone and Alli's arm (sorry Alli, I promise we have pictures of you too)

The next Beethoven?