Monday, March 23, 2009


Porter's Necklace

These pictures are a couple of weeks old, but I have told many people about Porter's necklace and so I thought I should post them. After I cleaned out my jewelry box Porter discovered this green plastic necklace and has been attached to it ever since.

Family Pictures

Bubble Mower

The bubble mower has been the big hit at our house over the last few days. The most challenging thing is trying to explain to an 18 month old that the mower is an outside toy and we don't want bubbles all over the house!

Daddy Day

With Rick's crazy work schedule, Porter and Daddy sometimes need a day together to go do their "guy stuff". Here are some shots from their most recent day which entailed a visit to the library and lunch at McDonald's.

Peter Piper Pizza Carousel Ride

Painting Projects

I have been busy with projects around the house over the past couple of months. GG was nice enough to offer to help me paint while she was here.

St. Patties Day at the Zoo

We spent the morning of St. Patrick's Day at the zoo with GG, Katie, Noah and baby Hudson. GG and Noah became great friends walking around the zoo together. Before we left Porter and Noah sat together on a bench and posed for some photos.

Porter's Christening

We recently had Porter Christened by the same minister that married Rick and I, Phil Waring. Friends Katie and Kevin became Porter's Godparents. Here are some pictures from the big event, including another beautiful cake by Chef Chris.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday, March 2, 2009

Guy's Night Out

Porter and Daddy had a guy's night out a couple weeks ago. They had dinner at Applebee's, including ice cream!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

he he he he he

When mom and dad are away...

Porter and the babysitters will play! Lauren and Austin babysat Porter Saturday night. From the pictures and videos left behind, it looks like everyone had a fun time.