Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Goofy girl

Playing with GG's toys

The next Gator driver

The next time we visit GG, I bet baby girl will be driving the Gator all on her own!

Artists at work

Porter and Paisley both worked hard on a picture to give to Great Nana Ruth

Silly Silly Boy

More Gator Boy

Sand Pile

There is something about a big pile of sand that is like a dream come true for a child. Especially little boys. Porter loves playing on GG and Grandpa's sand pile.

Swinging with GG

Giving Pais a ride

One of Porter's favorite parts about visiting GG and Grandpa is riding the Gator around their property.  This trip I knew Paisley would want to ride the Gator too.  Porter was so patient and took her for a lot of rides, making sure she held on before he would go!

Back on the gator!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A visit with the "Greats"

One advantage to flying Allegiant into Grand Island is that we get to see the kids great aunts and great Nana Ruth.  We went to Nana Ruth's for lunch and playtime.  The kids were so ready to play after 2 hours stuck on a plane!

Zombie Children

This is what zombie children look like because their mom woke them up at 3:30am, put them in the car, and drove them for an hour to the Mesa airport in order to catch a 6:30am flight to Nebraska.  She did all of this because Allegiant Air had tickets that were $400 cheaper than Southwest.  As a reward for being so amazingly good during this whole process, I let them pick candy from the vending machine and eat it for breakfast!

More silly water girl

Day 2 at the Villas

Our little waterbug

Wa Wa Girl

Keeping cool at Canyon Villas

Proud mommy with her babies