Saturday, January 4, 2014

Kitty day at Dede's

Paisley and her two best friends all love Hello Kitty, so it should be no surprise that they all showed up one day wearing their kitty gear.

Miss Entertainer

Pais and Mommy Time

Since Porter started school, my Mondays off have become special time for Paisley and I. Sometimes we go on outings to playgrounds or run errands or just hang out at home. Our girl time is precious to both of us!

Playing Babies

I'm pretty sure Porter would not admit to most people that he plays babies with his sister, but I have proof! And I can tell he is going to be an awesome daddy one day!


One of the best parts of being a kid has to be dressing up in random things you find around the house...

Porter's first day of school

I have no idea how this happened, but somehow, Porter became a kindergartner this year! His first day was a huge roller coaster of emotion for his mom, but he had a great day and was VERY excited to go back the second day!

Waiting for the bus!

The look of terror on his little face after he sat down on the bus was all I thought about that first day as I counted down to 3:15.

Porter takes a slide

I'm thinking, given a little more practice, Porter might have a shot at a baseball career.  I'll hang on to this video to show the scouts, just in case!

Water Party

Katie and Chris had a water party this summer to help all of the little ones stay cool on a summer day.  They had water balloons, a kiddie pool, and a slip and slide.  Porter and Paisley had so much fun.

The pool got a little crowded for Pais so she decided to hit the slide

While the big kids were busy on the slip and slide, miss Hadley had the pool all to herself!

TV Dinners

I made the mistake of introducing my kids to TV dinners.  It turns out they like these cheap, unhealthy, microwavable meals more than their mother's cooking.  They would probably eat them at every meal if I would allow it, but for now it is a "treat" they get to have once in awhile. And they usually get to eat them in front of the TV on the TV trays!


There is nothing better on a hot Phoenix summer day than frozen yogurt (with lots of candy on top, of course!)

Tea Party Time

Paisley loves to play tea party and is a wonderful host.  I often find her in her room with all of her babies or animals lined up and she is hosting a party.