Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Last day with Pops & Grammer

We had such a great time with Pops & Grammer, but it sure went by fast. We took a few group pictures on their last day here. For some reason when I attempted to fix Paisley's red eyes, it made her look a little like an alien baby. Oops!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Husker Saturday

Despite a very disappointing Husker loss on Saturday, the kids sure looked cute in their Husker gear!

Early Christmas with Pops & Grammer

Pops and Grammer meet Paisley

Park Bound

Mr. Clean

Porter was so excited for Pops and Grammer to get here that he was happy to help clean! Mopping seems to be his favorite cleaning activity.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bottoms Up!

Porter and Paisley love to sleep on their tummies with their bottoms high up in the air.

Guy's Night Out

Porter and Rick were lucky enough to go to the Coyotes game last Saturday night. They had a great night eating hot dogs and watching grown men go to "time out". Santa even showed up!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Does she look like her mommy?

A few people have told me recently, including my mom and grandma, that Paisley looks a lot like I did as a baby. Here are a couple of pictures when I was just a couple weeks older than Paisley is now. What do you think??

Preview of Professional Pictures

Lauren and I took the kids to have their pictures taken a few weeks ago and despite a complete melt down and refusal to cooperate by Porter, they actually turned out pretty cute. Maybe now that I'm done with school I can actually get them sent out to all our family members!

Baby girl in a bumbo chair

Super Sweet Smiles

Nothing tugs at a mommy's heartstrings quite the same way as her childrens' smiles!

Saturday at the Duperes

Growing up so fast!

Paisley had her 2 month appointment with Dr. Cannon last week and she has grown so much. She now weighs 9lbs 13oz and is 22 inches long. Poor thing is only in the 25th percentile for weight but has the big Copple head which is at the 75th percentile!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The adventures of superman and the little ladybug

For Halloween Porter said for weeks he was going to be Elmo and changed his mind when it was time to buy the costume. Superman had a great time trick or treating with his baby sister the cute little ladybug. Unfortunately, after trick or treating Paisley spit up all over her ladybug outfit and had to become a ballerina instead!