Saturday, August 25, 2012

Little Cutie

Mr. Harmonica

Snuggly P's

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Spinning themselves silly

Mall merry go round

Pais reads to her baby

Silly silly kids

Having fun at home

I scream, you scream

Nothing tastes better on a hot Arizona summer day than ice cream!

Peanut Butter Girl and Sick Boy

After we got home from Alaska, first I got sick, then Rick and then Porter.  Luckily Paisley didn't catch what we had.  I'm thinking maybe two big vacations in a row was a little much for our family!

Porter and Slush

Porter has become so attached to his dog Slush that GG bought for him awhile back.  Love it when my boy who is growing up so fast can still be so sweet and loving with a stuffed animal!

Two P's Headed Home

Sleepy Girl in Seattle (Airport)

Pictures with the Bear at Juneau Airport

The bears at the Juneau are always a big hit with the kids.  Too bad I cut the poor bears head off in most of the pictures!!!

Cousins Picture

We always take a cousins picture when we go to Juneau.  This year I had to be in the picture because Paisley would scream if I handed her to one of her cousins.

Porter's Fishing Trip

Grandpap, Daddy, and Alli took Porter fishing.  Porter even got to drive the boat.  They didn't catch any fish but did get a dungeness crab.  They even brought it home alive so Paisley could see the crabby.