Monday, March 18, 2013

Paisley's favorite ladies 2011 & 2012

Paisley and Lauren

The top picture is from 2012's daycare Santa party and the bottom one is from 2010.  Both girls have changed so much!

Hadley turns 1

Silly Pais

Christmas Tree 2012



No no no!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Helping Daddy Mow

The Little Mermaid Swings

Scary Pais!

What a lucky mom I am!

Porter insisted to his Daddy that he had to get "The Schticky" for me for my birthday.  Even after Rick showed him several videos on YouTube that proved the Schticky did not work like they show on the commercial.  Porter wouldn't bend and I am now the proud owner of the Schticky.  For anyone interested in purchasing the schticky, I would not recommend it.  It did, however, provide a lot of entertainment for the kids the night of my birthday!  

2 Silly Pirates

Candy candy candy

These two can have fun anywhere!

Sibling Love

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Playing after the train

Showing off his new jingle bell from Santa

After train pizza

We were all tired after the train ride, but also hungry since we had eaten dinner way too early. Luckily the hotel bar was still serving food and Rick and Porter brought us pizza and other munchies!

A surprise visitor on the train

Hot cocoa, cookies, carols, and......SANTA!!!!!!!

We all had an amazing experience on the Polar Express, and would definitely do it again!

Paisley was SUPER shy to Santa and wouldn't even look at him. Santa asked Porter to tell his little sister that he was a good guy.  As soon as Santa walked away from us, Paisley proudly announced, "I be shy to Santa!".

We made it on the train!

We were so excited to finally get on the train after waiting all day!  Well, everyone but Porter, that is.  Porter was a little overwhelmed over the whole experience and had a little breakdown when we first got on the train.  Once we got going he had an amazing time too!

Tickets, Please!

Waiting to get on the train