Saturday, March 31, 2012

Baking cookies with Mommy

Playing at home

Making Pais Giggle

Pretty Girl!


We were playing out front one day when Pais randomly laid down on the ground, then Porter joined her. Rick said they were "planking", which apparently is a new thing where people lay down flat in random locations and take a picture. So here are Port and Pais planking:

2 little monkeys playing on the bed

Valentine's Day at the Dupere House

We had heart shaped pizza from Papa Murphy's on Valentines day. The kids loved it! They had a party at school during the day with lots of sweets and candy so I figured pizza would be a good treat!

More PJ pics

I did not realize how many pictures I take of the kids in their PJ's until I started working on the blog again. They do have regular clothes, I swear!!!

Porter and the red bucket

Porter came home sick from Dede's one day (at least 1 person in our house has been sick at all times since Thanksgiving!). Dede let him bring home the red bucket in case he got sick in the car. He was attached to the red bucket for days. He slept with it, took it to the bathroom with him, set it on the table while he ate. He never did throw up, but it provided some kind of comfort to him just in case. Eventually the red bucket made it back to Dede's house.

Goofy Girl

Sitting on a dinosaur

Paisley will imitate just about anything she sees her brother do, which will make it interesting when we start potty training her!!!

Paisley's pinch

Snuggly P's in their PJ's

Would love to know what she's thinking....

Paisley, Pantry, Pretzels

You have to love her resourcefullness in this one. She actually brings her little bowl into the pantry and fills it up with pretzels herself.

Sweet P's

Paisley and her pantry

As soon as Paisley figured out how to open doors, the pantry became her favorite place in the house. She quickly figured out if she dragged the little green chair in she could reach higher shelves. She loves helping herself to snacks, getting snacks for Georgie, and just making a big mess. After it became a problem, we installed a "baby lock" on the pantry door. It only took her a few minutes to outsmart the baby lock and she was back inside her little paradise.

iPad time

Since we got the iPad at Christmastime, the kids love nothing more than to play games on it. It amazes me how quickly they learn how to use it! Even Paisley knows how to maneuver around it. Steve Jobs would be so proud....

Pais being Pais

She will do just about anything to make you laugh, even disassemble her car seat!!!

Pais in the corner

Paisley loves to squeeze herself into tiny spaces, like in between the bookshelf and the wall.

Pais has moves too...

Porter's got moves!

More Park Adventures

We have been checking out lots of new parks this winter. Clearly our usual park does not have bark on the ground as Paisley was fascinated by at it this new park!