Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday, July 24, 2009

Don't cry over spilled Qtips?

This is what happend while mommy took a shower this morning. Lucky for me, I bought the jumbo 750 pack of Qtips so picking this up was a lot of fun!

Is this hand shucked?

Anyone who has seen What About Bob? will understand this reference. I made corn on the cob for Porter a couple nights ago and his reaction was very similar to Bob's reaction. He mmmm'd through the whole meal. Unfortunately I ran out of memory on my camera so I only caught a couple of seconds of his reaction.

Roasting ears

The beauty of the monsoons

This is what I saw when I left for school Tuesday morning. A full rainbow and then a little later a double rainbow.

Time to go home

Maybe this is the solution to traveling with a toddler...just check him through all the way to Phoenix!

A ride on the car cars

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fun on the slide

$5 Footlong

Rick and I found it funny that the $5 footlong sub that subway advertises is actually $7 in Juneau. The poster still has the guy holding up five fingers though...

An Afternoon at the Park

On Friday Aunt Kathy and Cousins Alli, Kat, and Loretta took Porter and I to a very cool park in Juneau. It rained on us a little, but that didn't stop Porter from having a great time.

Big kids like parks too

Busy Evening in Juneau

After games and pizza at Bullwinkle's, Porter enjoyed a "lolli". Then it was off to the park to play before heading home to bed. Because it stays light until after 11pm this time of year, it was very difficult getting Mr. P to go to bed!

Hah Chew!

Daddy recently taught Porter how to pretend sneeze. Now Porter likes to do it all the time...

Fisherman Porter

Porter had a great time on Grandpap's boat wearing his special "boat jacket". Daddy helped pull up 2 crab pots and Porter got to see a bunch of dungeness crabs.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Concert Pianist

Hi Meow

Porter was a little obsessed with the Meows that live at Grandma and Grandpap's house. By the end of the week I think we all had heard "hi meow" a million times. Here he is chasing Hanna.

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Rick likes to compare flying with a toddler as a lap child to wrestling with an octopus. Here are some shots of Porter on our way to Alaska last week.

Surprise trip to San Fran

For Rick's birthday I surprised him with a weekend getaway (child-free!) to San Francisco. We had a great time. Many thanks to Pops and Grammer for babysitting in Phoenix during the hottest weekend of the summer!!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Be be (blankie)

Can you tell me how to get.... to get to Seasame Street! Katie and I think our little Ernie, Cookie Monster and Elmo are cuter than the originals!