Friday, July 30, 2010

GG's Daycare

While we were in Chicago, GG was busy taking care of her 3 favorite little boys! They all had a great time and judging from the pictures it is not surprising that Porter cried so hard when he said goodbye to GG on Sunday.

Riding Bikes

Decorating Cookies!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Wedding in Chicago

My cousin Carrie got married in Chicago last weekend and we were there for all the festivities. Despite a lost suitcase and some crazy weather, we had a great time. A HUGE thank you to GG for watching her three grandsons while we went to Chicago!!!!

Ben and Chanda

Rick and I

Dad and Ann

The Guys
The Girls

The only picture of the ceremony that I took that actually turned out.

Dad, Ben and I

The reception

Table setting

I'm pretty sure I'm not really related to this guy. He must have been switched at birth

A very blurry picture of Uncle Tom and Aunt Sally

The cake

The bouquet

The happy couple's first dance

Uncle Tom's speech

Father daughter dance

B & C hit the dance floor

Aunt Sal dancing with Ryan

Dad and Aunt Sally share a dance and some laughs

These two must be up to something...

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Boys Trip to Alaska

Porter and Rick went to Alaska for a week to visit Rick's family. I wasn't able to go because of school. I'm not sure I can handle them leaving ever again for a whole week! The highlights of their trip include spending lots of time with family, going to the beach, eating strawberries out of grandpap's yard, going on the boat, eating at Bullwinkle's Pizza, and getting scrubs from Aunt Linda that look just like Mommy's scrubs.

The Happy Travelers

Playing airplane while in an airplane

Playing forts
Playing with Alli and Kat

Picking strawberries

Scrub a dub dubs from Aunt Linda! I look like Mommy!

Can't get enough strawberries!

Downtown in the rain with Kat

Shopping with Kat
Playing games with Aunt Linda at Bullwinkles

On the boat

At Sandy Beach

Can you find P in this picture?

The long journey home