Thursday, September 30, 2010

Our Babies

I was playing around with some of the pictures I have taken and thought this one turned out pretty cute!

2010 Monkey Convention

Porter worked so hard today getting his chairs lined up just right. Then he disappeared for awhile and came back with his arms full of monkeys. He very thoughtfully matched each monkey to just the right chair then he took his spot in the rocking chair. It looked like he was hosting some kind of monkey convention, but he is the biggest monkey of all!

Pretty Girl

Two P's in their jammies

Run Paisley Run!

Happy Birthday from Aunt Karen & Uncle Jeff

Porter received a box in the mail from his Aunt Karen and Uncle Jeff in Alaska. He got the coolest gifts and was soooo excited! Thanks Karen & Jeff!!!

Paisley's first day of school

Paisley started daycare part-time this week so that mommy can finish school and graduate in November. Luckily we have the best daycare in the world and Dede agreed to take Paisley at such a young age. It was very hard on mommy sending her to daycare at only 4 weeks, but I knew she was in the best hands possible! Poor daddy struggled to get both kids ready and out the door and still managed to make it to work!

P & P

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Steelers fans

Say cheese pais

Go Big Red

Noisy Sleeper

Missing GG!

GG left on Saturday to go back to Nebraska and we miss her so much already! We had a wonderful 3+ weeks with GG here helping us and can't imagine what it would have been like without her. Thanks so much GG!!! We miss you!!!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Porter's Peter Piper Pizza Party

Sunday evening we had a little birthday party at Peter Piper Pizza for Mr. P. He, Noah, and Hudson had a blast running around playing games and riding in the cars. They even earned enough tickets for some prizes at the end, including some really cute glasses that they all wore for us.

First Real Bath

Paisley's umbilical cord stump finally fell off and she was able to have a "real" bath on Sunday. She seemed to like kicking her feet in the water!

Hiding in the pillows