Sunday, May 29, 2011

Meet baby Preston

Rick brought lil P downstairs yesterday dressed like a boy and introduced us to baby Preston. Interesting how she is wearing chef pants and a Steelers shirt...

Uncle Ben's niece

For a few months now, Paisley has most closely resembled her daddy. There is something about this pose, however, that reminds me so much of my brother Ben when he was a baby.

Crazy Hair Duperes

We really do have combs and brushes at our house! With Porter preferring to wear his hair long, it always seems to be a bit out of control. And poor little Pais has the finest whispy hair that loves to stick straight up!

Here comes trouble

Porter has most recently nicknamed Paisley "trouble" and loves to say "here comes trouble" when she comes crawling towards us. With her cute little devilish smile, I think he might be right!

Some serious monkey business

I'm not sure who Porter was talking to on his banana phones, but it looks like a pretty intense conversation!

Persistent Paisley

After being chased away from "helping" daddy and Porter with their chalkboard drawings, Paisley found a different way to get what she wanted!

Fearless Climber

Paisley is completely fearless and loves to climb on just about anything. Here she climbed her way onto Porter's train case so she could reach things at the train table a little better.

Fireman Paisley

Paisley loves playing with her brother's toys. And Porter is so good about sharing with her. Someday she might like dollies and girl stuff, but for now she's into cars, firetrucks, trains, and anything else Porter thinks is cool!

All things Georgie

Paisley has reached the stage where all of Georgies things are suddenly interesting. She crawls at mach speed to get to his food bowls before we can catch her. Here she is with his rawhide chewy. I just had to take a picture before taking it away from her!

Playing in their jammies

Goofy Duperes

Monday, May 23, 2011

Geek Squad

P & P do some computing...

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Riding in the Bozo car

Fun night with Lauren

Lauren babysat Porter and Paisley so mommy and daddy could go out to dinner to celebrate our anniversary. The kids adore Lauren and always have such a good time with her!

Typical evening at the Duperes

Into Everything

Paisley is at the stage where she is into EVERYTHING! If it can be crawled to, climbed on, pulled apart, destroyed, or she can pull herself up to it, she will.

Silly Expressions