Thursday, September 22, 2011

One last playtime with GG

Before we took GG to the airport Paisley had to get in one last playtime!

Paisley's 1st Party: guests and presents

We were so happy to have such wonderful friends and family at Paisley's first birthday party. I did not do a great job getting pictures of everyone, but thanks to GG and Katie, we at least got pictures of all the kids!

Porter, Hudson, Noah and Jack

Amber and baby Charlie

The Lyons got Paisley baby Minnie

Paisley is soooo excited that Katie and Chris are having a girl! We all can't wait to meet baby Hadley in December!

Chris, Katie and Hudsie

Pais and Charlie love playing together. Little Charlie turned 1 just a couple of days after Pais

Silly boys!

Grace was so sweet with Paisley at the party.

We were so happy to have Ayva at the party too!

Paisley's 1st Party: the baby and the cake

Paisley's cakes turned out really cute! The best part of a first birthday party is giving the baby her own cake!

From the minute Lauren showed up at the Party, Pais was with her! We are so blessed to have the Rossi's in our lives!!!!


Sunday, September 11, 2011

Paisley's 1st Party: the pre-party

We had a party at our house for Paisley's first birthday. We were so excited for everyone to arrive after two days of preparing for the big party! And of course, the birthday girl looked just like a princess, although she hated the headband that her mommy put on her.

LOVE this picture of my two babies. They are both getting so big!

Rick put out quite a spread of food for the party

The pickled veggies that Rick and Porter made were the hit of the party.

Proud GG with her two little P's

Porter decided to give Pais her gift from him before the party started....I think he was looking forward to playing with it because it was a camper - he loves anything with wheels.

Our little family!

Pais and her cards

Paisley loved opening and looking at all of her birthday cards this year. I'm sure it will be several years before that happens again so I tried to capture it on camera.

GG goes to swim lessons

GG was so excited to go to Porter's swim lessons and see him in action.