Thursday, October 29, 2009

Daddy & Son Nightly Activity

Every night when Daddy gets home from work he and Porter immediately get busy playing cars or trains. Clearly Daddies are better than mommies at playing boys stuff...

Pizza as big as P's head!

I've been happy that since Porter has been eating "real" food he hasn't taken after his mommy's bad eating habits. However, he does seem to have his mommy's love for pizza! While he and I were at the mall this week, he insisted we eat pizza and he ate an entire piece that was bigger than his head.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Playing Cars & Mommy's Shoes

Soccer Tots Week 2

Check out my cool Steelers shades!

Soccer Tots

Porter recently started Soccer Tots on Saturday mornings through the city of Peoria. I'm not quite sure he's the next David Beckham, but maybe in a few weeks...

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Our second home

Now that the weather is bearable again, the park has become our second home. Porter and I walk over almost every evening after dinner.

Chocolate chip cookie face

Reunited at last!

When Porter and I went to Nebraska at Easter to stay with GG and Grandpa Ted, Porter's favorite hot wheels truck mysteriously disappeared. GG recently found it wedged deep down in the side cushion of the couch where only a little boy could reach it. It arrived in the mail this week and Porter has not let it out of his sight. The bubble wrap that it came in is also a new favorite toy. Thanks for sending it GG!

3 Steelers Fans

Football season is very busy in our house with the Husker games on Saturdays and the Steelers on Sundays. Last Sunday we had breakfast and cheered on the Steelers at Padre Murphy's, a local Steeler hot spot. Frank even joined us (of course dressed in his black and gold!).


Last weekend we had our annual stay-cation at the Marriott Canyon Villas. We had a great time! This hotel has the most perfect set up for families. Unfortunately Daddy had to work during the day, but Katie and her boys came over and spent the day with us at the pool.

Watching Diego while Mommy watches the Husker game - go big red!

Check out my Thomas shades!

High five

Little boy in a giant tub

I wonder if the housekeepers will like my drawings?

Bed time snack

Pool time with my best buddy Noah

Partners in crime

Monday, October 12, 2009

Crazy Sleeper

We hear lots of thumping and banging noises on the baby monitor at night because Mr. P is a crazy sleeper. Here Daddy got a shot of him scrunched in the corner of his crib.