Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Silly Boy

Poor George

George's life just hasn't been the same since Mr. Porter came along. Here he is with a brief glimpse of what it was like when he was the center of attention in the Dupere household.

Daddy's New Assistant

Porter spent a few hours at the Ritz "working" with Daddy on Saturday while Mommy held a baby brunch for Katie in the bistro. Porter had a great time running around the ballroom, playing with his friend Ian, eating Krispy Kremes and talking on the phone.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Haircut Hustle

Porter made it difficult for Jessica to cut his hair with his trademark head dance he loves to do.

Bye Bye Baby Curls

We took Porter to Little Chops Thursday evening for his first haircut. He was very brave and had fun watching the Baby Einstein video while mommy and daddy watched the baby curls fall. He is a handsome big boy now!

Presents from Minnesota

Porter received a package of fun things in the mail from the Dupere Nygaard clan. Thanks Auntie Linda, Uncle Don, Alli and Kat!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Double Trouble

The cat was not hurt during the making of this movie.

Crazy Boys

Fresh out of the bath, Cameron and Porter were anxious to run around in Pops and Grammer's dining room since they weren't supposed to be in there. It is becoming very clear that these two are trouble when they are together!

Another NE Trip

Porter and I continue to rack up the frequent flier miles with another trip to Nebraska - this time so Mommy could go to a football game. Porter had a great time playing with his cousin Cameron who also made the trip so his mommy and daddy could go house hunting for their upcoming move back to Lincoln. Aunt Sally and Uncle Tom were also in Lincoln for the game, unfortunately those of us that traveled so far to see the game did not get the outcome we had hoped for.

The boys love their new books from Aunt Sally!

Pops and his youngest boys

Grammer made waffles - Porter loved them!

Nap time for Pops and Mr. C

Pops and Mr. P

Porter's First Wedding

Porter attended his first wedding on September 27th when Rick's cook Haris was married in Mesa. We stayed at the Mesa Marriott so we wouldn't have to drive all the way home.

Porter really enjoyed the string players while dinner was served

Porter and Vehid

Haris and Danielle

Porter and Peg